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This service is intended for residential properties that are larger than 3500 sq.ft. or properties with multiple homes on the property. We guarantee 25 usable images fro...
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Medley of Photography provides highly exclusive and personalized services to a variety of clients. Their devotion for all facets of photography is apparent in the creativity and quality of the images they capture. This photographer is dedicated to creating a diverse and varied portfolio that truly captures the beauty of all the architecture and design in San Antonio. Contact them today to find

out more about their custom services.


Professional Services

Choose this service for your own collection of clear and simple images that really capture the aesthetics of each structure. Medley of Photography understands the importance of light and angles, and has the experience to use those elements in creating stunning marketing photos and virtual tours. If you’d like to schedule your listing or have any questions, please get in touch.


What Clients are Saying

There’s a really enjoyable aspect to working with individuals and companies by providing them with the photography services they need. As a professional Architecture Photographer, this photographer makes sure to establish a personal connection with each client before beginning a shoot. Read on to learn what clients have thought of Medley of Photography throughout the years, and get in touch with any questions.



What You Need

With this service, Medley of Photography always aims to capture the atmosphere and emotion beneath the surface of their structural subjects. Images are provided in high resolution, making them that much more memorable and a joy to view. If you’re interested in learning more or seeing examples of their Interior Photography work, please get in touch today.


A Distinctive Style

Ever since they captured their first still-life image, this photographer knew they had found their calling in Architectural Photography. Exterior Photography is one of the most popular services they provide, and always at a competitive rate. And, as with all their offerings, high quality prints are available to order in a variety of formats and sizes.


What You Need

With these services, Medley of Photography always aims to capture the most creative atmosphere and expressive emotion of their subjects. Images are provided in high resolution, making them that much more memorable and illustrative, excellent for commercial use. If you’re interested in learning more or seeing examples of their commercial or profile photography, please get in touch today.

Jordan Walker015_046_bus-profiles_Print_

I had the pleasure to use Medley Photography for the first time recently on a new listing.Berry came highly recommended by a fellow Realtor.  The photos came out fantastic !!I was very pleased with the quality of the photos and the quick turnaround time to receive them.My sellers were very happy with the photos, they asked if the color of the cabinets could be tweaked.Berry was happy to accommodate us and got them done quickly so we could put it on the market as scheduled.  Oh by the way the home SOLD in 4 days

I think it was due to the AWESOME photos.

Thank you Berry can't wait to use your services again.

Patty Flores ~ Re/Max Corridor



Are you looking for a professional Architecture Photographer who can capture stunning designs at exactly the right angle and distance? You’ve come to the right place.

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