Frequently asked questions

Real Estate Photography

How long does it take to get finished pictures?

For Real Estate projects our typical turn around is 24-48 business hours from the appointment time and date.

Do you color correct your images?

The short answer is yes. All digital photography needs to have some type of post production performed to "polish" the image to be complete. If you are ever told differently by a photographer, walk away, be nice, but just walk away from them because they are either lazy, don't know how to color correct or simply do not have enough experience to know the value of proper post production.

How many photos are included with the MLS service?

Generally all listing services allow the listing realtor a maximum of 25 images per listing. Medley of Photography guarantees to provide 25 finished images. But we provide, on average, 45-75 usable images from real estate session. With these images, you will receive full representation of the exterior, living spaces, kitchen, bathrooms and any special features of the house. For Commercial property, all efforts are made to provide a minium 25 images, but depedning on the space and type of building it is not always possible to obtain a full set of 25 photos.

It is too difficult to decide which images to use in our listing, can you just provide 25 images?

Sure! but the reason we offer so many different angles is photography is "subjective" what one realtor likes to highlight in their marketing, may not be exactly what the next realtor wants. But, with many of our long standing realtor relationships, we have learned what the realtor's vision is and can make those selections for them. We just ask that you notify us of your wishes prior to photo session.

I have a pretty good camera on my phone, why should I hire a photographer?

Actually that is a pretty darn good question! a question that generally requires a long explanation but we will summerize the best we can here: Would you hire a plumber if you have a tooth ache? I know we wouldn't, but you can use the same analogy when thinking about hiring a photographer. Realtors know how to guide individuals on selling and purchasing real estate, but generally do not have the best resources to represent a property listing to demand the attention of potential buyers. Where you as an r.e agent knows the "ins & outs" of real estate, we know angles and lighting, what features to highlight and how to visually marketing your listing. yes, modern smart phones have remarkable technology that gives acceptable images. Even consumer grade cameras on the market pale in comparison to quality provided by a competent professional photographer. Like mentioned earlier, there are a million reasons to hire a real estate photographer, so if in doubt give us a call and we will certainly be happy to explain the other 999,999 other reasons.

What do you do in post production?

Medley of Photography performs standard white balancing (fancy term for making sure the colors are true) clean all blemishes Add pictures to all television screens "green up" grass enhance pool water & make sure water is clear of pool debri "Turning on" Burnt out light bulbs (excluding lamps) What we can not do is repair any structual damage (such as holes in walls or stained carpets) if we not aware that those repairs will be made prior to selling the property We are very careful not to "misrepresent" the property. WE do make the property look the very best it can

How much leadtime/notice do I need to before booking a project

Typically we ask that you give us 48 hours before the scheduling. But we also understand the "fluid nature" of the real estate industry. If you need us to arrive within the next day give us a call. (we have also been known to be able to schedule the same day in special circumstances but of coarse we have to respect previously booked appointments.)

Do you provide 3D or Matterport images?

We choose to provide professionally produced virtual tours in place of the 3D tours and here is our reasoning: When 3D touring is viewed by certain individuals, those individuals are not in control of their personal perspective. If these people view "automated" tours they can become nauseous, basically the same way a person can become effected by motion sickness. It maybe one person in six that are effected, but that to us is one person too many. so in the place of the Matterport tours, we provide professionally produced conventional tours. Our tours provide the listing agent's contact information along with school information, property description in a custom individual layout design and is accompanied by professional studio music individually selected for each property that conveys a soothing & immersive experience that markets your listing in a powerful and illustrative presentation.


Whats the difference between Deluxe Showcase and Budget Friendly service?

With Deluxe Showcase we pull out all the stops. We use professional photography lighting where needed, stage/declutter the area being photographed (where needed). With our budget friendly service, we utilize the available light in the scene and/or use speedlights in place of the studio lighting. The largest difference between the two services is the amount of time we spend on sight. We are able to devote more time in what we call the "checks and balances" with the details of each room photographed. With the deluxe services our lighting is more "precise"

How long does it take to get our photos/

With the Deluxe Showcase services, our turn around time is 5-7 business days from the date of photo session. With the Budget Friendly service out turn around time is 1-3 days from the date of the photo session. Times may fluxiate slightly due to our current work load. We do not "outsource" our post production work so from time to time the turn around increases since we perform our color correcting on a first come first serve basis.

What is the difference between "layer blending" and H.D.R photography and why should it matter which is used?

99% of the time our clients do not notice or even care which process is used, and it is typically best to leave that decision on which process to use up to the photographer who has the experience to evaluate the settings and determine which will be the better option of techique. The short answer to what is the difference in techiques is Layer blending is taking individual parts of different images and blending them together to balance the lighting. H.D.R photography is relatively a "newer" process in which computer algorithms construct a single image from muliple images, balancing the lighting in the finished photograph. H.D.R photographs used to have an inherent issue/problem where the finished product looked like a oil painting making it noticable that the photograph was digitally produced, but with all technology, great strides have been made and when done properly most viewers can not notice any difference.

Do you only provide your services in the San Antonio area?

No, we can travel anywhere in the "lower 48" and Hawaii with travel expense paid of coarse. For local coverage, we commonly travel within 150 mile radius of San Antonio, Texas. We just ask that milage to be paid if we travel outside loop 1604 to the West, East or South, or North beyond San Marcos, Texas

Didn't I see your professional profile on Houzz?

yes, yes you did. We are actually on many social media outlets including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin

Commercial and portrait photography

How long has Medley of Photography been around?

We know, a simple question but one with a complex answer – sorry about that! Here is why we say it is a complex answer, Medley of Photography was first opened back in 1993 but after eight successful years our head photographer and owner, Berry Medley put the business on the back shelf to begin an in-house studio for a local manufacturing company where he was the sole product photographer for the next ten years. After a bried stint for another company, Berry moved back to his roots both in moving back to San Antonio as well as reopening Medley of Photography in 2014. Overall, Medley of Photography rely's on Berry's photography experience which is vast, he has been in professional photography for more than 30 years, has photographed subjects ranging from Animals to Travel, Architecture to "widgets".

Do you do "event" photography?

Yes, and no. We photograph commercial events such as company organized gatherings, fund raisers etc. We provide trade shows, convention and other coverage. But if you are needing a wedding photographer or a photographer for your 40th birthday, we will come celebrate with you but not take your photos (to invite us to your celebration, use the "get in touch" button or chat box...and thanks in advance)

We need family portraits done, can we hire you?

Generally, we focus on corporate and professional profile portraits. But we do provide upscale environmental family or individual portraits. We can and will provide you with creative and expressive portraits. Medley of Photography provides online proofing as well as full post production to assure you the very best quality. We generally do not provide framing services as most "portrait" photographers do, but we do have a variety of printing services including canvas, metal and glass prints. Although we offer online proofing, we highly recommend allowing our sales staff to assist you in your final image selections.

What "commercial" photography services does Medley of Photography offer?

With over 30 years experience, there is not much we have not taken pictures of. We focus (no pun intended) on Architecture, Real Estate photography, we also provide a high number of corporate and profile portraits. We offer advertising, marketing and promotional environmental and lifestyle pictures as well as product illustration along with marketing campaign imagery. Additionally, we can also provide industrial images or editoral type work. Being in San Antonio, of coarse we offer travel photography. We have also provided Destination photography all across the "lower 48" with travel expense paid. A more accurate question would be what type of photography does Medley of Photography not provide. That may be an easier question to answer. Medley of Photography does not provide the following: Wedding Photography Infant or New born portraits birthday party coverage "economy" graduation or children's portrait Pet portraits.

We are taking a new product line to market, can you take quick pictures we can use to sell our products?

Short answer: YES. We have provided new and small business owners with images for single products to set up their Amazon marketing place. We provide catalog product photography on a sliding pricing scale (best to call for details) as well as lifestyle or "beauty" shots. With no project being too big or too small.

There is no address listed on your website, how do we find your studio?

We are a "location based" business. We have built our business to be able to bring our services and equipment to you. If you are need of product photography and the phyiscal size of the subjects are not too large we can arrange to have your items shipped to us (shipping is an additional cost). For larger pieces, we will bring our equipment to you. It is highly encouraged that we have a preproduction meeting so that we can discuss and possibly view the area we will be photographing in. If your needs involve a portrait sitting, we will bring our professional background and lighting equipment to your location. Again the only thing we suggest is a pre-session meeting, when possible. so that we can "scout" the location so that we can provide the most efficient sitting.

Where are your commercial rates and prices located on the website?

Unless you are one of our real estate or architecture design industry patrons, you will not find our rates online. It is best to contact us directly with your project and needs and let us provide a detailed estimate built around what services are required, each project is unique and require a different range of elements. We do have half and full day rates in addition to hourly fees, to fit every need.

General company information

How long has Medley of Photography been in business?

Medley of Photography was first opened back in 1993 but after eight successful years our head photographer and owner, Berry Medley put the business on the back shelf to begin an in-house studio for a local manufacturing company where he was the sole product photographer for the next ten years. After a brief stint photographing for a high end department store chain, Berry moved back home, to his roots both in moving back to San Antonio as well as reopening Medley of Photography in 2014. Overall, Medley of Photography rely's on Berry's photography experience which is vast, he has been in professional photography for more than 30 years, and has photographed subjects ranging from Animals to Travel, Architecture to "widgets" and pretty muich everything in between.

You do not have a list of awards or honors, what's up with that?

When Medley of Photography was first started by Berry, back in 1993 there were awards that were won, and honors bestoyed like being a finalist three years in a row in the "Photographer's forum" annual contest, in which they selected the top 6-7% entries to be published in their annual yearbooks. In the three years Berry submitted entries he had multiple images selected and printed. But since the business goals were focused on client experience, Medley of Photography stopped entering photography contest and so that our clients were the center of our attention. Before Medley of Photography, Berry had mulitple solo art exhibits that he displayed his work in. The San Antonio Art's commision selected a few images for the perminent art display at San Antonio's Internatioal Airport. Additionally, the Commision also displayed a solo project that was displayed at San Antonio's City Hall. Normally the art installations were displayed for three weeks at most. But due to popular demand, Berry's 20 images adorned the walls for eight weeks.

Do you have an address for your studio?

Sorry, but nope! not at this time. Medley of Photography business plan allows for fluid availability while keeping our overhead cost low. We have set up our operations so that we can travel to our clients and provide service at their location and in their convenience.

In today's "digital world" anyone with as much as a smart phone can call themselves a photographer, what makes Medley of Photography different?

Well, again a question with a "not so easy" answer. But let's address the physical aspect of that question before trying to answer the entangables. Medley of Photography uses professional photography lighting equipment along with a mobile background(s). We do not photographed "tethered" so we can bring our equipment and all support equipment to our clients. The entangables is what truly allows Medley of Photography to stand out amongst other photographers. Not only do we have better equipment over the consumer, we have the experience to know how to use it creating creative, inviting imagery. We also believe providing professional photography services should not be a chore but a fun and friendly experience.

I just need the "bottom line" how much do your services cost?

We have our architecture and real estate services listed under our booking pages but as you probably noticed we would like you to call for other commercial service. This is because, unlike other service related businesses, photography is highly subjective. It is an industry where "one prices does not fit all needs". We would rather gain as many details as we can about your project first, evaluate your needs to best match the services required by the project and provide the most efficient and economical solution for you in both price and photography service.

Do you ever just photography generic or "stock" photography?

In short form – yes! inquire with your needs and we will be happy to send over a detailed inventory of potential images for your project. Now, for the longer version of the answer; If it was not for the evolution of the stock agencies developing into what is called "microstock"agencies, chances are, all that we photographed would be stock images. We love to be creative and imagative with our photography, but these micro agencies have driven the stock markets (no, not the financial or commodities markets like wall street or Chicago) down so severely that it is even harder today to make a living with stock photography. But we do have an abundant amount of images to select from and possibly in the future we will include a stock section to our website, but in the meantime just get in touch with us and we will do the "leg work" for you and go through our archives to find you the right image for a competitive usage fee.

What usage rights are available for your photos?

Boy! that is a question with a long answer. Let's just say we provide usage rights for every situation imaginable. You need "exclusive" rights? we can provide custom and creative solutions. You need "world usage" rights or "regional" usage rights, we can provide those no problem! The bottom line is most of our assigned projects come with exclusive usage rights and we are happy to negotiate usage rights for other images needed. It is best to contact us to discuss your specific needs